Types of Classes Offered


Click link to Eventbrite where you can purchase tickets to online classes and upcoming events. To book a class with me at my practice at the Taiji Studio text me on 021-833966


Downward Dog - Nabi Chakra Drishti
Downward Dog

Fridays 7am @ The Taiji Centre, 40 St Benedict’s St, Newton

Learn the classical postures of yoga whilst building strength and extending your flexibility. Each month we work on a new theme focusing on an area of practice or anatomy. Past themes have included arm-balances, twists, leg-balancing to name a few. This ensures a dynamic practice that continues to grow through new challenges. For more details about the class, accessibility and upcoming monthly themes, please visit dedicated page.



Tuesdays 7:30pm @ The Taiji Centre, 40 St Benedict’s St, Newton

Yin yoga sessions fall on the opposite end of the yoga spectrum to the more active Hatha Yoga style of classes I teach. In Yin, the stretches are held for longer periods ( 3 – 5 mins ) and 95% of the postures are done on the floor. This style of slow, deep stretching targets the connective tissues, encourages muscles to relax and suitable for all levels of flexibility and yoga experience. The recovery aspect of Yin makes it especially suitable for athletes, runners and dancers. For more visit  dedicated post and  page.


Additionally, exclusive classes are offered through my Virtual Online studio not available elsewhere. For more on this visit this page Strength & Conditioning Yoga, Core Consciousness (neurological training for building core strength), 30 minute classes focusing on breathing and alignment are unique classes offers virtually that will bring a broader dimension into your yoga training and understanding.