Details on how to book and join an online class. These are daily changing live – stream and online classes available via Facebook through the following page “Ewa Bigio Virtual Yoga Studio”.

Sept 2022 Schedule:

There are currently over 220 hours worth of practice sessions to choose from! To book a class pass for a one time visit, a week long pass and so on, visit Eventbrite to purchase. For more information contact ewalyhb@gmail.com or scroll to the page below for more details.


Sept 2022 Schedule

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Teaching weekly, this Vinyasa Flow elemental series reflects the power and versatility of Vinyasa Flow. Sometimes we need to find softness in our practice, and other times, the grit that lights the fire in our belly. The interplay of light and darkness, soft and hard, expansiveness and introversion – it is through this dualistic duelling that we explore the external world and ourselves, in order to ultimately find balance; that divine equipoise. And through this style of practice we can explore all these dimensions, guided by our both our breath and intelligent awareness, connecting body to mind, and mind to movement.

These concepts are integrated into the Vinyasa Flow classes running weekly, currently, Fridays ( intermediate to advanced ), Sundays and Wednesdays ( the latter two open to all levels including beginners ). All classes are live-streamed and remain on our site for delayed catch-up. Duration of all classes are 1 hour long unless otherwise specified.


More than just offering you a one – off class, the live-stream schedule is designed to provide structure as well as variety. When working from home, it is very easy to lose structure and without structure, everything falls apart. The early movement classes are designed to invigorate practitioners and to help them get into a positive frame of mind for the challenges of the day. The evening Yin classes on the other hand are a respite and a bridge between an active day to a restful night’s sleep.  Yin yoga encourages the mind to slow down through slow deliberate stretches thus helping you get ready for a restful sleep.

There also remains in archive a selection of foundational classes for better understanding of technique to facilitate a safer home practice as well as trength and flexibility classes to build a strong and limber body without the necessity for gym equipment. Yoga is a self – sufficient practice that is predicated upon body weight and dynamic resistance training so in times where access to equipment is limited, yoga is still a superior choice for helping build both a strong body and a calm mind; a much needed combination during these next 4 weeks.

How to join, please follow the steps below:

1. Purchase a concession pass. NEW ZEALAND STREAMERS: Payment done online to Ewa Bigio ASB Bank account 12-3109-0019980-51. 3 x classes $30 or 5 x classes $50 ( no fees through this direct option ) Or you’re welcome to just try out the first class by purchasing 1 x $10 pass. (Weekly and monthly rates available – $30 weekly unlimited and $100 monthly unlimited classes. ) Text me at 021-833966 to let me know which class you’re planning on joining by 10pm the night before. Then request to be added to the restricted Live Stream group page “Ewa Bigio Virtual Yoga Studio” . Or to purchase a pass through Eventbrite ( fees apply ) visit this page

2. INTERNATIONAL STREAMERS: to purchase 24 hour pass or week long pass email ewalyhb@gmail for link or go to Eventbrite to purchase a pass

Additionally, the livestream class will remain available for up to 24hrs so you can catch up or review in your own time.