Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

Surya Namaskar A
Surya Namaskar A/Sun Salutation A


Sometimes we need to find softness in our practice, and other times, the grit that lights the fire in our belly. The interplay of light and darkness, soft and hard, expansiveness and introversion – it is through this dualistic duelling that we explore the external world and ourselves, in order to ultimately find balance; that divine equipoise. Vinyasa Flow allows us to explore all these dimensions, guided by our both our breath and intelligent awareness, connecting body to mind, and mind to movement.

Strength without flexibility limits dynamic movement and flexibility without strength leads to instability. It is not unusual for us to have a little more or less of one but awareness of such imbalances will allow us to work towards greater equilibrium. We need both at every stage of our lives. We start to lose some of each gradually, but surely from our 30s. When practiced regularly, the three styles of elemental flow yoga come together to help build a balanced body, mind and spirit.

Friday classes are suitable for intermediate and upwards due to tempo and strength requirements. Friday’s session is accessible to beginners with a base level of strength (eg. If you are physically active but have never done yoga this class will be fine) through to intermediates and beyond. All the classes generally begin with some form of modified Sun Salutation warm-up, followed by a flowing style segment integrating both standing and seated postures and then a closing or warm-down sequence. The term “Level 1” is explained in greater detail below:

  • postures held will include poses normally practiced in beginner-friendly and all levels type yoga classes,
  • postures may be held for a shorter duration for those still building strength,
    modifications will always be offered every step of the way,
  • appropriate pauses will be taken where required to ensure safety and good alignment,
  • expect greater interaction between student and myself around alignment issues during class,

How “difficult” are the classes? Isolating flexibility, muscular strength and cardio fitness 

“Difficulty” level can be interpreted several ways:

    • Flexibility: how complicated the majority of the poses are in terms of flexibility requirement,
    • Speed: how fast the class the flowing from one posture to the next and how many pauses are taken in between poses for recovery,
    • Strength: how much upper – body strength might be required to get through some of the postures,
  • Transitions: the type of transitions which may be integrated in between postures to allow for a greater flow in between postures. This can largely be controlled by the practitioner with consultation with me. Students are encouraged to take a more active approach towards integrating transitions such as jump-backs and jump-throughs in the Friday vinyasa classes.

Alignment Concerns:

In particular, I will be paying closer attention around sacroiliac, hip, elbow, wrist, knee and shoulder joints as well as any compression in the cervical and lumbar spine. If you have any questions please, email me or book @ or 021833966. Bookings will be required ahead of time due to space limitations. Special rates are available for students and the unwaged – please enquire.