Client Testimonials

To teach is a gift and a privilege. I am honoured to be able to share feedback from practitioners I have been able to spark the joy of yoga with.

A selection of testimonials on Yoga Fundamentals Course and classes:

I have been fortunate enough to have practiced yoga under the tuition of an amazing teacher in South Africa, who since stopped teaching, and I despaired of ever finding someone who would satisfy me the way that teacher did.  It was such an unexpected delight to find my dear Ewa, who I had met and spent time with in New Zealand, had years later become a yoga teacher, but by that time I was back in South Africa.  I followed her on Facebook and Instagram and feel blessed that I can say with confidence that she fulfils, no, surpasses my expectations of a yoga teacher.

When the pandemic started and we were under total lockdown here, Ewa’s virtual studio was a life saver.  I was excited to resume practicing yoga, and to have the company of Ewa, who I so admired.  I have sung my praises for Ewa, both on her Facebook page and on her Instagram feed, and it’s no secret that I think she’s the bees knees, and that I look to her for inspiration, motivation and guidance.  Other people have applauded her attention to detail, her exacting instruction, her spectacular knowledge of the human form, and for demonstrating how yoga can enhance it and all aspects of life, so I don’t need to say too much more about that, save to say that Ewa ever so gently flutters around inside your subconscious, and ever so consistently nudges and inspires you to love and respect yourself and your body enough to make the changes you need to make, to do what you have to do to be your best self.  She is a living and breathing example of what yoga can do for your body, mind, emotions, spirit and life.  Everything she does is caressed with a touch of beauty and an aura of magic, and her deep wisdom, strong character and vast intelligence is living, breathing, walking, right side up, upside down and overarching proof that yoga can really bring out all of your all round potential.

Connecting to her live classes, with the time difference forcing me up before the crack of dawn in the dead of winter was a small price to pay for the all day long wellbeing it imparted.  Ewa’s gentle and soothing voice and guidance and the practice itself not only saved my sanity during that time, but gave me the gift, despite the restrictions of lockdown, of feeling freer than I had in years, in my own body.  Full lockdown is over but I took advantage of more of her virtual classes, diving deeply into her smorgasbord of lessons, from Vinyasa Flow, Yin yoga classes to her preparation for certain poses, focus on certain body parts, and in just a short while began to feel different in my body, and had better posture, which feels so good. I feel I am, like Benjamin Button, ageing backwards. It’s nice to be in a class, yes, but I would rather be in an Ewa Bigio virtual yoga studio than any number of live yoga classes available to me locally, now that complete lockdown is over and they’re accessible.

I love live yoga classes, but I love Ewa even more.  Sometimes I simply watch the classes and then implement them later on in the day.  Whichever way I utilise the deep well of knowledge she so generously, impeccably and diligently imparts via her super convenient virtual studio, whether one wants it to happen or not, one’s body and life will improve with just a little effort and in a short space of time. Anyone on the fence as to whether or not to join Ewa’s virtual yoga studio, I would say get off it and onto a good thing, no, a great thing, no, an awesome thing!

Pamela (Online Studio)

South Africa

April 2021


My yoga journey began in front of a computer screen in our lounge!  I was introduced to Ewa’s virtual yoga studio when NZ was in ‘lockdown’ at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.  In my 56 years I had never practiced yoga. I was stepping into the unknown but was open to giving it a go….

….twelve weeks later – I practice yoga nearly every day, under Ewa’s guidance.

Practising yoga via the virtual studio was ideal for me, a true beginner, as I could pick and choose which practices to take part in (and be a spectator on occasion).  No one was in the room so I could practice without feeling self-conscious about my ability (or lack of).  Ewa is a wonderful teacher, her gentle way of guiding her students through the practice and providing options for all abilities means everyone can be successful – and challenged at the same time.

When Ewa was able to reopen her studio, she decided to keep the virtual studio option going too, which was fantastic – I was really enjoying yoga and it meant I could continue the sessions at home. I also felt confident enough to attend the sessions at Ewa’s studio without feeling out of my depth. The transition was remarkably smooth – Ewa was so welcoming and it felt like I had been part of the class for ages (well, in effect I had). Even though my journey had not long started, going to the studio gave me a real sense of belonging.              

Yoga had now become part of my daily routine, so it was important I understood the principles behind the practice. I decided to attend the Fundamentals of Yoga ‘Outside In’ workshop.  Ewa explained and took us through each of the fundamental poses step by step – something which is difficult to do during a studio session – and it changed the way I approach my yoga practice. It is not a matter of ‘going through the motions’, but being present, and mindful, moving into each pose using the correct technique to avoid injury.  I am looking forward to attending the next workshop in the series – Ewa is consistently reminding us that breathing is really the essence of yoga.

Practicing yoga with Ewa has improved my flexibility and strength and I am encouraged and often surprised by what my body can do after such a short time. I still look forward to coming home from work and tuning in to the practice Ewa has recorded during the day or is live streaming.  It is not just the practice I look forward to – it is the ‘me’ time, where I can switch off from the day’s events, slow down and move into a sense of calm.  I have learned to ‘listen’ to my body, understand what ‘balance’ means and embrace yoga as an important part of my life.

Thank you Ewa!

Bronwyn Capill
North Shore 


I have just had the privilege of attending the Yoga Fundamentals: OUTSIDE IN Workshops. Working through each of the key postures in detail gave me an understanding of the musculature involved in each posture, as well as an understanding of how these postures flow into one another. Ewa teaches with a depth of knowledge about yoga and human physiology that is inspiring. What I am learning from Ewa, both in classes and the Workshops, is changing my concept of yoga from simply a form of exercise to a disciplined practice that can grow and develop over time.

Lisa Manthel

AML Solutions



If you had asked me about Yoga 10 years ago I would have laughed and said who me? But Ewa has patiently explained and taught me to enjoy this practice. I feel stronger, more flexible and more relaxed, I am not necessarily good at yoga but I do get enjoyment from it, my back has never been better and I find long periods on the bike easier, also I have more strength for sailing. The Yoga Fundamentals course really helped me deepen my understanding, Ewa is a born teacher and goes into great detail but keeps it interesting.  I now feel Yoga will be with me for the rest of my life, keeping me strong and flexible to enjoy an active life.

Debbie Whiting


InkLink Publishing


I attended the recent Yoga Fundamentals 5 Week course [by Ewa Bigio] with my husband. I have practiced yoga on and off for about 10 years, in the last few years more in a haphazard fashion. Being in the nursing profession, I really loved the anatomy and physiology of the course that Ewa took us through. For me, it was really important to be able to visualise those muscles that you needed to relax, in addition to those that needed to be activated. Ewa has a vast knowledge of the practice of yoga but also of the human body. I really enjoyed every minute of the course and am so glad that we both did it together.

Gabrielle Lord

Nursing Director

ProCare Health Ltd 

I have recently completed Ewa’s Yoga Fundamentals 5 week course. I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for about 7 years which I commenced following a back injury. Over the time I have noticed my strength and flexibility have increased but I can really recommend Ewa’s Fundamentals Course for people who already have a good understanding of yoga, and the various facets that need to be considered in a complete practice. No matter how much you’ve done before there is always more to be learnt in relation to the very basics of yoga. Ewa has a keen eye for precision, and people’s ability so you really get the most out of the course at a personal level.

Peter Lord

Yoga Fundamentals 2018/Intake 3

I was apprehensive about starting Ewa Bigio Yoga’s Fundamentals Course as I had injuries and a consequent loss of strength and flexibility. However, Ewa carefully supervised me, modified exercises and made sure that I worked correctly, safely, and at an appropriate and helpful level. She is caring and considerate and she teaches in a clear way to ensure that her students understand the underlying principles of good yoga practice.

Marie O’Kane

Yoga Fundamentals 2018/Intake 3

Yoga Fundamentals is for anyone and everyone, I decided to do Ewa’s yoga fundamentals course with no experience at all, not one yoga class ever. I was a bit nervous at first as I thought I would feel out of place or I wouldn’t be able to do the movements that were required.

I was so wrong on all counts, I didn’t feel anything but welcomed, my experience wasn’t an issue and as for movement, well that is only one part of what you learn. 

I remember after one of the sessions with Ewa, learning about breathing and connecting with my body I was feeling as light as a feather. Not just my body, but my mind too. It seemed to me as if my soul was filled with happiness, happiness which was of no particular reason. A blissful experience honestly.

My mind normally is always really busy and I find it very difficult to switch it off. But with continuous practice of Yoga, I have been able to slowly calm my brain chatter (at least while I am doing yoga). Although the feeling of calmness doesn’t last all day, I now experience a greater self-awareness in everything I do especially breathing.

It may sound typical, but you will need to try it for yourself! I truly believe that through yoga fundamentals you can experience beautiful emotions that bring peace to my soul.

Caroline Haku

Yoga Fundamentals 2018/Intake 3


“Ewa has strength, charisma and an enviable grace which commands attention and offers inspiration. After spending time with her, you will find how willing she is to share her knowledge and wisdom with you – her passion for yoga is undeniable. I have seen Ewa taking time before and after class to engage with her participants and so giving she is of her time, you will even find tutorials and regular updates on her Instagram page to motivate and uplift your practice.

Watching Ewa move is at times jaw-dropping (literally), but what I appreciate most is that she keeps it real and she genuinely cares. She understands that building strength takes time, patience and persistence and openly shares how hard she has worked to achieve the movements that have now become a part of who she is.

Within moments of meeting Ewa, you can feel that she genuinely wants to take you on a journey. Her support, guidance and knowledge inspires you to believe you can achieve more than what you may have given yourself credit for.

Ewa’s yoga workshops provide an opportunity for you to awaken your mind and better understand your own body. In a fast-paced world, it is a rare and precious chance to slow down, listen to what your body needs and learn how to move it in a way that best serves you. The detailed tutorials and movement drills will allow you to learn how to move with quality, strength and control in a way that will give spirit to your future yoga practice.

The “Ewa way” will have you enthused to live your best life”.

Niki Loe

Personal Trainer & Pilates coach

Smile Love Nourish Move

Yoga Fundamentals Intake 1/2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga fundamentals course.  I have done yoga for years, albeit sporadically.  I could not believe the insight and knowledge Ewa shared with me – and what a huge change it will make to my practice going forward.  After each session I left feeling educated, empowered and inspired.  Ewa knows her stuff and I was blessed to have her share some of it with me.  I only wish I knew such valuable yoga fundamentals years ago!

Belinda Johns

Yoga Fundamentals Intake 2/2018

On Yin Yoga Classes:

I went along to my first Yin Yoga session with Ewa to learn some new stretches. I had lost flexibility in recent years and wanted to do something about restoring it. What I got was a total mind and body workout that changed the way I think about my body and gave me an understanding of what it is capable of if I only take the time to get to know it better.

Ewa’s gentle instruction both guides and invites her students to explore forsaken or forgotten muscles. I trust her insights as they are firmly grounded in the kind of pragmatism that I live my life by. This is a woman who knows her anatomy. At the same time, there is an acknowledgement that there are other forces at work on the body that impact our health beyond the purely physical. If the sense of calm and groundedness I feel on leaving the studio is any indication of success, I should be doing this every day. Thank you Ewa!

Joanna Grochowicz

Author, Into the White
On Yoga Fundamentals Course:

I have recently completed Ewa’s 10 week Yoga Fundamentals course. For many years I have wanted to try a beginner yoga class, however I was not confident that the teacher would understand my concerns and alleviate the fear of injury. Ewa is special. She is the real deal. From the beginning  of your first class you know you are in very capable and caring hands. Over the 10 weeks, with Ewa’s detailed guidance and explanations, your ability grows.  You discover that you can safely try all the positions (adapted if needed), and begin to understand the principles of yoga. With the confidence gained from the Fundamentals course, I have since attended the Sunday morning classes. In addition to building strength and flexibility, I leave knowing my soul has been nourished – thank you Ewa!

Vicki Chappell

Eastern Suburbs


On Yoga Fundamentals Course:

I wanted to express my thanks for such a fantastic Introduction to Yoga. Over the last 10 weeks I have learnt some of the Yoga basics and it has transformed the way I feel about Yoga. I feel like I can go on and continue to challenge myself and grow in strength and flexibility without fear of injury due to the thoroughness of your teaching and focus on good technique. I recently travelled to Bali and went to numerous different classes and as a result of the techniques learnt at your Introduction to Yoga classes I could do most of the poses, and without fear of injury.

Many thanks

Bridget O’Malley

Herne Bay


On Yoga Fundamentals Course:

I have always wanted to learn and practice yoga but found the mainstream yoga classes daunting as they all seemed to know what they were doing, even the beginner classes. So when Ewa offered a small beginners class to teach us the basics and the correct techniques, I leapt at the opportunity. Ewa is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and takes care to make sure we are using the correct techniques. I have come to understand the names of the poses, the proper techniques and foundations of yoga. This has made it so much more enjoyable and I’ve found my flexibility and strength greatly improved. I also believe it’s helped me get better sleep and given me great stress reduction techniques. I now feel confident that I could attend a mainstream yoga class and follow the instruction without causing harm to myself. However I am continuing with Ewa as I prefer the smaller classes and the attention she gives all the individuals.

Marisa Fong

St Mary’s Bay


On Yoga Fundamentals Course:

Having previously exercised on and off throughout my life in traditional gym settings doing the usual Pump, body attack type workouts I noticed as I aged I was starting to feel the odd niggle, ache and pain and felt I was doing some damage to my body. I started to think about gentler, kinder forms of exercise that would still provide me with a healthy, strong body but without causing any damage to my muscles and joints. Yoga was the obvious choice. I went along to a few ´beginner classes´at various yoga studios. However I never went back. The classes although labelled as beginner actually went very fast and did not really give me time to think. I was rushing from one pose to the next without really knowing how I was supposed to feel in the pose and therefore I had no idea whether I had it correct. I was scrolling through Instagram one day and I came across Ewa Bigio. I was amazed. Ewa is inspirational – she is a fit and strong lady and I thought to myself, I want to be able to do the things she does, I want my body to work for me so I can enjoy life and be healthy and pain free. I contacted Ewa and subsequently enrolled on her Yoga Fundamentals course. The course has been exactly what I was looking for. Ewa took our small group though the poses step by step, always keeping things at our level and offering alternatives. she is endlessly supportive and encouraging and remind us that Yoga is a process and we will achieve successes along the way as our bodies adapt and become stronger. After the 10 week course I have been left with a desire to continue to practice and improve. I feel I have a good basic knowledge of the practice of Yoga that will allow me to continue and develop. I know how my body should feel and I am able to correct myself when I need to. I also now have the skills to adapt poses to my own level. In essence Ewa has given me exactly what the course said, The Fundamentals of Yoga.

Fiona Sisam

Herne Bay


On Yoga Fundamentals Course:

I recently completed a 10 week Yoga Foundation course with Ewa, having only once before dabbled in this exercise regime unsuccessfully!! The beauty about Ewa’s foundation course is that the classes are very small which enables you to learn the correct postures under the careful and experienced instruction of Ewa, thereby ensuring that you do them safely and at your own pace. I was carrying an injury which Ewa was very aware of and where necessary Ewa provided me with alternative poses so as not to further inflame my injury. I cannot believe that I have achieved all that I have in only 10 weeks and I am already seeing marked results in not only my strength but my flexibility. I am a converted “Yogi” I just love it and I am continuing my practice under Ewa!!!

Lindy Stoyanof



On Yoga Fundamentals Course:

I had the pleasure of attending my sister, Ewa’s Yoga Fundamentals course recently. To be completely honest, it was due to some serious nagging on my younger sibling’s part that I finally decided to partake in the course. Like many working moms, with all the demands of work and family, unfortunately my health was last on the priority list. I finally decided to take the plunge as it seemed like it was a way to build fitness into my home routine without the necessity of a gym membership. I am truly glad that I made that decision to invest the time into the course as it demystified the process , taught me the basic principles of yoga and more importantly, how I could modify any posture to suit my current fitness ability. With the affection but critical perspective of an older sibling, I am proud to say that it was truly a joy to study yoga with Ewa. She is a knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic teacher. She is an attentive instructor who always communicated clearly and accurately which helped with my understanding and confidence. I benefited both physically and mentally from the practice of the postures and the breathing exercises. From being quite reluctant to do a course like this for fear of the unknown, I ended with such a positive experience that I am now committed to keeping up with my practice. I can say with tremendous certainty that for anyone who would like to take the first step to changing their life for the better through a greater understanding of the principles of yoga that this is a great place to start.

Lilian Tetter

North Shore