About Me

Ewa holds an internationally recognised RYA – 200 HR certification in yoga instruction through Sukha Yoga School based here in Auckland. Since gaining her qualification she has continued in her quest to improve her craft by studying with many renowned yoga teachers including David Swenson, Maty Ezraty, Sri Dharma Mittra, Rodney and Colleen Saidman Yee, Jason Crandell and Santina Giardana-Chard and Kino MacGregor. In April of 2019 she hosted Kino MacGregor over 5 sold out workshops in Auckland. Ewa is passionate about the community of yoga and other than teaching is committed to working with other yoga professionals in spreading the knowledge and love of yoga through the facilitation of workshops and events here in New Zealand. As a former trustee and Sponsorhip Manager of non-profit Film Festival Documentary Edge, Ewa has the unique skills and experience to successfully spearhead large scale, community based events.

Ewa has been a yoga practitioner since 2004 and in September of 2016 to embarked in teacher’s training to help deepen her knowledge of yoga. She has been a student of the Iyengar method and in her latter years, embraced Ashtanga as a personal practice. She believes that yoga is adaptable to the individual needs and state of each practitioner and is deeply responsive to helping her students attain both physical and mental well-being through their connection with a yoga practice rooted in strong fundamentals. Ewa teaches Vinyasa, Yin, runs yoga workshops in central Auckland and enjoys teaching students of all levels and capabilities. Her Yoga Fundamentals Course is highly rated and consistently receives outstanding feedback from students who come from all levels of experience and practice.

Ewa is a former lawyer and has worked within the legal, real estate, art and film sectors. Her film sales agency, Smiley Film Sales internationally represented Academy Award winning documentaries and has received recognition from the local film industry for its entrepreneurial excellence.

For a bit more into my personal background I share my journey into yoga in this  post