Zen out with Yin at Bodyneed

Class time: Tuesdays 9:30am ( 1 hr ) starting 24th October 2017

Slow down, inhale and relax. Yin yoga has arrived at Bodyneed.

The term “Yin” means “passive” and alongside its other half “Yang” (active), forms the concept of duality that informs the Taoist universe and philosophy. Yin yoga has come to represent a slower – paced yoga practice which focuses primarily on floor poses held for longer periods ( between 2 – 4 minutes depending on posture and class level ) done in concert with breath-work. It complements the more dynamic yoga classes which work the muscles more actively and offers a balance to those who are physically active and play sports at all levels. As the postures are passive and the movement from one to the next, executed at a gentle pace, Yin yoga is also suitable for most people, whatever their level of yoga experience or physical activity.


Yin yoga targets the connective tissues of the body, commonly also known as fascia. Fascia is the continuous webbing of collagen fibres that exists throughout the human body, sitting beneath the skin; attaching, enclosing, separating muscles and internal organs, that gives the body stability and form. Healthy fascia is smooth, supple and flexible. Stressed fascia is dense and dry. This densification that occurs around joints and muscles can limit flexibility and movement. Fascia tightness can occur as a result of inactivity, injury, excessive training, emotional trauma, chronic stress and inflammation.



Fortunately healthy fascia can be restored with correct rehabilitation. Yoga and in particular Yin yoga, is highly beneficial in this regard. Typically, in a Yin yoga class there are very few repeating transitions such as Downdog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) or the Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chatturanga Dandasana commonly known as Low Plank) in between postures or standing postures as you would find in a more active yoga class. This helps keep muscles as relaxed as possible enabling access into connective tissue surrounding key joints of the body. Poses are held for longer which in itself may be challenging. Other than the physical benefits, holding the poses in stillness induces a meditative and oasis of calm which can bring additional mental benefits . Typically, props are used such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to support the body and alignment. This encourages a restful disposition, which allows the mind to unwind and for the body to be more receptive to stretching.

Slow yoga offering respite from the fast – paced modern life-style!




I am a yoga teacher based in central Auckland. I teach a Yoga Fundamentals Course which runs twice yearly as well as yoga classes in the central Ponsonby area. For more details on time, venue and type of classes please refer to the Upcoming Events Page of this website. You can view my work on instagram also by searching for "ewabigioyoga". Contact me at ewalyhb@gmail.com

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