Strength & Flexibility through the Yoga Method: central Ponsonby on Friday and Sunday mornings

A total body workout in 60 mins: Strength & Flexibility through the Yoga Method

Strength without flexibility limits dynamic movement and flexibility without strength leads to instability. It is not unusual for us to have a little more or less of one but awareness of such imbalances will allow us to work towards greater equilibrium. We need both at every stage of our lives. We start to lose some of each gradually, but surely from our 30s. Let me show you in 55 minutes how to achieve the total body workout with a view to building a balance between strength and flexibility, what ever your current state of fitness may be right now.

I am now offering Friday and Sunday morning classes. Both are pitched at Level 1 practitioners. Friday’s session may incorporate more pauses and explanations whilst Sunday’s session will move a little faster. This is a Hatha yoga style class which will start with a modified Sun Salutation warm-up, followed by a flowing style segment integrating both standing and seated postures and then a closing or warm-down sequence. The term “Level 1” is explained in greater detail below:

  • postures held will include poses normally practiced in beginner-friendly and all levels type yoga classes,
  • postures may be held for a shorter duration for those still building strength,
  • modifications will always be offered every step of the way,
  • appropriate pauses will be taken where required to ensure safety and good alignment,
  • expect greater interaction between student and myself around alignment issues during class,

How “difficult” are the classes? Isolating flexibility, muscular strength and cardio fitness

“Difficulty” level can be interpreted several ways:

  • Flexibility: how complicated the majority of the poses are in terms of flexibility requirement,
  • Speed: how fast the class is flowing from one posture to the next and how many pauses are taken in between poses for recovery,
  • Strength: how much upper – body strength might be required to get through some of the postures,
  • Transitions: the type of transitions which may be integrated in between postures to allow for a greater flow in between postures. This can largely be controlled by the practitioner with consultation with me. With advanced transitions such as jump-backs and jump-throughs, a challenging session can still take place from a cardio and strength building perspective even where the posture difficulty is low from a flexibility perspective.

If you have a good to high level of fitness but lack flexibility, these classes would also be suitable for you as I can advice you on the type of transitions that you can undertake to complement your current level of fitness whilst you work on your flexibility. If you work with weights regularly and have good upper body strength but lack flexibility, these classes will also be great for you as we can vary individual transitions to complement your level of muscular strength whilst working on your flexibility with more accessible yoga postures.Β As such, the term “Level 1” should not be confused with “easy”. I will be challenging you to extract the most out of each and every posture. Often the level of difficulty of a class can be raised through the quality of the speed and flow along with the type of transitions employed by the individual practitioner.

I have devised a difficulty scale rating for my classes so practitioners can understand more clearly what to expect from both Friday and Sunday classes. One star means low difficulty through to highest level of difficulty for 3 stars.


Class difficulty ratings:

Friday class 10:30am

Posture difficulty : πŸ™

Speed: πŸ™

Strength: πŸ™

Transitions: determined by practitioner

Sunday 9:30am

Posture difficulty: πŸ™

Speed: πŸ™πŸ™

Strength: πŸ™πŸ™

Transitions: determined by practitioner

Alignment Concerns:

In particular, I will be paying closer attention around sacroiliac, hip, elbow, wrist, knee and shoulder joints as well as any compression in the cervical and lumbar spine. If you are looking to run through a large number of poses in a fast moving class with no pauses, this is not for you. However if would like to learn how to practice yoga utilising the deeper principles of anatomical alignment, breath and focus, and therefore develop fundamentals that will help you advance your practice further, then this is definitely the class for you.

Monthly themes:

Each month I will be offering a different theme and the theme of the class will determine the type of seated and standing postures we engage in during the middle part of the class. By working on such themed postures for the month, regular practitioners will have the opportunity to establish greater proficiency in new postures. Casual practitioners on the other hand will be exposed to a greater variety of yoga postures throughout the year, creating interest and presenting new challenges. Each class will also begin with the same warm-up routine, giving students the opportunity to fine-tune key postures and to establish familiarity with the Sun Salutation series prior to the start of the middle segment. Below is a schedule indicating the upcoming themes which we will be working on each month for the remainder of 2017:


Hip flexors, hip-openers – improving mobility in the hip joints


Twists – Detox and De-stress


Arm-balances – Learning to activate and utilise the deep muscles of the back and core


Backbends – Exploring spinal flexibility from the top of the cervical spine through to the lumbar

If you have any questions please, email me or book @ ewalyhb@gmail.com or 021833966. Bookings will be required ahead of time due to space limitations. Special rates are available for students and the unwaged – please enquire.


I am a yoga teacher based in central Auckland. I teach a Yoga Fundamentals Course which runs twice yearly as well as yoga classes in the central Ponsonby area. For more details on time, venue and type of classes please refer to the Upcoming Events Page of this website. You can view my work on instagram at www.instagram.com/ewabigioyoga Contact me at ewalyhb@gmail.com

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